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Pressie,Lake Superior Monster and theft.

I have been informed that this blog post from 2009  has been posted elsewhere by other people as their own work. Its not the first time my stuff has been stolen.Apparently there is quite a bit word for word on crypto-wiki. This is theft and plagiarism and I hope if you see my stuff on other people's blogs you will make a note to avoid them in future as its not their own work. All they have to do is add a line to say they got it from this blog.Its good manners apart from anything else. Maybe they thought because I have been so ill they could just steal what they wanted and get away with it. Karma is a terrible thing and it will get you in the end. 

Lake Superior or Gitchigumi (meaning Great Water or Great Lake) is a fresh water lake. It is 1,333 feet deep in places , with an average water temperature of 34 degrees F and is 350 miles long and up to 160 miles wide in parts. The lake is almost an inland sea. It is said to house a lake serpent ,Pressie, named after the Presque Isle River where one of the best sightings occurred .The native indigenous people called the serpent Mishipishu and it is seen in pictographs at various shoreline sites, either as a spiky cat-like creature or as a serpent .Modern sightings cite a serpent type creature up to 75 feet long with a horse-like head on a longish neck and a bilobate (whale-type) tail, and described as dark green to black in colour. The reported sightings go back centuries ,here is a selection of the most well known:

In September 1894, about halfway between Whitefish Point and Copper Harbor, Michigan, the crews of two steamers observed a strange creature undulating along in the twilight, its back protruding 6 to 8 feet out of the water.

In July 1895, three members of a steamer crew observed a "hideous creature" off Whitefish Point which seemed at times to be deliberately pacing their ship. They claimed it had a 15 foot neck and a jaw a foot wide.

In 1897 near Duluth (MN), a Detroit man fell overboard when his yacht struck a rock. He was then attacked by a huge serpent which he said tried to constrict him in the manner of a large snake. His three shipmates also saw the beast.

In the 1930's, a serpent, swimming along at about 9 miles per hour, was observed by two fisherman at Pictured Rocks , Munising,Michigan. The animal created a strong wake as it passed the shore.

In the 1960's, a family watched a huge animal, alternately showing humps and stretching out straight, swim upriver past the North coast of Sugar Island Neither head nor tail was visible and they said it resembled a log when stretched out straight.

Memorial Day weekend in 1977, North of Ironwood , hiker Randy Braun snapped a photo of something which he suspects was a giant serpent swimming in the waters of the lake near the PorcupineMountains Wilderness State Park. Braun said it undulated in the water like a serpent. The snapshot he took of the beast shows a blurry object in the water.. The photo indicates a serpent like creature with a horse-like head on a long neck and an undefined tail.
In the summer of 1981 in Munising, four children and teenagers, all siblings, observed a serpent showing 3-5 humps rising 1-2 feet out of the water (the slower it went the higher the humps). As it came within about 20 yards of the private beach, one of the children ran away crying and the animal headed away showing lower humps.

In the middle 1990's, during the summer, fishermen watched in horror as a large aquatic animal pulled a wading buck deer under (leaving only it's severed head) near Point Iroquois, Michigan.
All the photographic evidence is as usual grainy or blurry , but that is par for the course and lets face it, anyone’s hand would shake if they thought they saw a monster. So could it be a giant eel? It seems the most likely or a giant water snake. A sturgeon, the usual explanation seems less likely given the descriptions. What we need is a video or a carcass to turn up. Certainly in a lake that big there are plenty of places to hide!
The history of the area and the native peoples and their legends can found here :


Aleija said...

Hi Tabitca. My name is Aleija Rodriguez and I am doing some research on Pressie/Mishepishu. Many of the stories of the Lake Superior serpent have mentioned years and dates of sightings but without any sources or they link back to you. Would you be able to provide the sources you used for the information in this entry? I've been trying to track down primary sources regarding sightings and have had trouble. Hope you can help!

Tabitca said...

Hi Aleija,I suggest you start here :
Most of my material is found from old newspaper articles unfortunately as I am now retired I no longer have access to the libraries etc to trace them. I suggest you start as I did and look up the local newspapers in the area and then put Pressie and other terms into their search engines. Also if you contact them they are usually very helpful.Good Luck.