Thursday 18 April 2019

Nessie spotted again.

Another Nessie Sighting Report?
AN INVERNESS man has spotted the Loch Ness Monster "going at speed" across the famous loch - fifty years after his grandad's own sighting.
Rory Cameron, 36, spied the strange movement in the water last week after visiting his pal nearby.
Rory, who's MD of Cobbs Bakery in Drumnadrochit, isn't the first member of his family to have an encounter with the elusive Nessie.
He revealed that his grandad, who was a member of the police, saw something in the 1960s.
A woman from Manchester claimed to have spotted and photographed the creature on February 23.
Then a regular Nessie hunter from Ireland thought he had caught an image of the aquatic animal on the official webcam.
Lisa Brennan, 30, and her partner, Danny, 37, were driving near to Urquhart Castle when they made the first February sighting.
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The Sergeant John Cameron sighting was I believe in 1965 .He was fishing off Dores with a Mr William Fraser when they saw something unusual across the water. They followed it in their car until it submerged near Dores bay. Described as between 25 and 30 feet long and like an upturned boat and  dark in colour.
We should not be surprised that another member of a family has seen something unusual in the Loch. Some families have lived in the area for generations. However it does appear to be silly season at the Loch with sightings coming thick and fast so caution is advised.

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