Wednesday 25 November 2009

The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot

A bigfoot hunt for money:

Check-In for registered participants will begin on July 10th., between 7-11 AM at the Kendall Mountain Resort Complex in Silverton, CO. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot will officially begin at 12:01 PM on July 10th. and end at 12:01 PM on July 14th. The "$1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot" closing party will be held on the evening of July 14th. between 8 PM and 1 AM at the Kendall Mountain Resort Complex, with a catered Buffet Dinner, Drinks, Live Music and Dancing, and a noted Guest Speaker (to be announced), Bigfoot Swag and Door Prizes, Vendor Expo, and lots of fun for all. Bigfoot Central and the Legend of Bigfoot Museum will be open for viewing each day from 9 AM till 6 PM.

Registration is through this website. The $1,000,000.00 Hunt for Bigfoot is limited to the first (400) entries and Registration will close when available entries are filled. Entry Fee is $250. for (1) Designated Hunter. Additional T-Shirt/Museum/Party tickets are available for Family Members/Friends at $75. per person. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover Card are accepted through our secure Google Check-Out.

Recent Bigfoot Sightings in The San Juan Region

March 2009- Bigfoot sighting and photographic evidence of footprints in the snow reported by a BLM Ranger 14 miles from Durango Mountain Resort on the backside of Purgurtory.

May 2009- Bigfoot sighting with photograph reported by a vacationing couple en-route to Silverton, CO. on Hwy. #550 that witnessed a Bigfoot crossing the highway.

April 2009- Bigfoot lean-to found approximately 8 miles from Silverton, CO. Structure was built from branches broken-off of trees at a height of 8'+.

June 2009- Bigfoot activity reported by family camping at Navajo Lake. Creature was vocalizing and tossing small stones at campsite tents.

August 2009- Bigfoot sighting and evidence of broke-off branches on a tree reported by an elderly couple to a U.S. Forest Service Agent who surveyed the site and confirmed footprints and broken branches. Location in La Platte Canyon at Lil Olga Campsite.

August 2009- Bigfoot sighting on the banks of the San Juan River at Farmington, NM reported by a BLM Ranger.

August 2009- Bigfoot sighting along the Animas River approximately 9 miles from Silverton, CO. Reported by Crew and Passengers on the Durango/Silverton Narrow Guage Railroad Train. Contact Us INFO@HUNT4BIGFOOT.COM

RULES: Bigfoot Central will offer the first authenticated winner $1,000,000.00 (payable in a 20-year annuity of $50,000 per year) for an unaltered photograph of a live Bigfoot taken within the Designated Hunt Area during the Designated Hunt Period, using a camera provided by the Hunter that has been registered by the Promoter during Check-In. In the event a Hunter sees and photographs a Bigfoot, you are required to immediately take (2) more consecutive photographs from the same location and note the GPS coordinates of the sighting. A submitted photograph must be verified and substantiated by a panel of independent scientific experts, approved and assigned by Bigfoot Central, as the evidence required to prove a live Bigfoot has been photographed by you. A Bigfoot must be alive at the time the photograph was taken. Entries must be from the camera provided by the Hunter that was registered during Check-In with the images inside un-retouched, unaltered and not changed in anyway, or the Designated Hunter will be disqualified. A submitted photo will be reviewed by a panel of experts for authenticity. Panelists will include, but are not limited to, an assigned zoologist, biologist and a photo expert. The winner must be a unanimous decision from all participating expert judges. All entries become the sole possession of Bigfoot Central, and will not be returned. Winner will be contacted via registered mail and announced on the website. For more info go here:

Am I the only person with doubts about this? Please post any comments.

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