Wednesday 4 November 2009

The Future for Cryptozoology?

With the death of Robert Rines,I got to thinking about how many cryptozoologists have passed away and what the future holds. I was quite young when I started hanging Loch Ness and looking for Nessie but I am 54 now and have developed a serious health condition so future virgils by the loch may be in doubt. I wondered what will happen to the hunt for Nessie? Are there young people out there prepared to give up their time and money to spend lonely days , often in bad weather, camped by the loch? I know Steve Fletham, still resides by the Loch, and he is younger than me, but for how much longer can he continue when he gets older?
What does it mean for the future of cryptozoology? Will there still be people in 25 years time hunting for bigfoot, if it is not proven to exist or not exist by then?

WE need mysteries to investigate, we need monsters to pursue to make life more exciting, to give us a reason to explore. We also need young people to continue the search. I know most of us are considered eccentric and perhaps not the best role models but being different is what makes us what we are. There are people who have lost jobs because of their monster hunting and been ostracised by their peers , and I have been denied promotions before because of and I quote "my eccentric hobby"They say to be accepted these days you have to be average, I hope this isn't true and there are young people out there who are reading blogs and reading books and thinking, yes I would like to do this.I hope the future of cryptozoology is assured and there are those out there prepared to go the extra mile to find the unknown and search for answers. The questions are easy , the answers hard to find, but I hope some brave souls will come forward and carry on investigating.


Jeff Stewart said...

I'm a paranormal Investigator with a deep intrest in Cryptozoology. I have been active as a investigator for 8 years now, I’m 30 years old and in good heath, no worries i say, there will always be investigators and researchers looking for the truth!

Tabitca said...

Thanks for your comment Jeff. I hope you are right. The search for the truth should never die!
Welcome to cryptozoo-oscity and thanks for following the site. :-)