Monday 7 December 2009

Latest on San Antonio Bigfoot sightings

San Antonio 'Bigfoot' sightings might just have been hunters

By Stephanie Dearing.Dec 3, 2009

There have been a number of sightings of a Bigfoot seen near San Antonio's west side, and investigators have found "unexplained" foot prints.

San Antonio, Texas - An auto body shop on the west side of San Antonio has been getting a regular visit to its trash bin at night, a hairy beast that scared staff because they did not know what it was. It was ruled out as being the potential Sasquatch called in to police by a woman, who claimed she saw a large creature dragging a deer into the woods on Monday night. It turned out the visitor to the trash bin is a Macaque monkey, One employee of the body shop encountered the monkey at night, and said it was around three feet tall. As for the presumed Sasquatch, police think that perhaps their caller saw a hunter. The woman caller had described “... what appeared to be a 6-foot-3 or larger creature covered with fur or hair, and had a very foul odor. It ran toward the water tower, past 1604, carrying a deer. I know there are a lot of hunting areas out that way... maybe it was a hunter.” said San Antonio Police Department spokeswoman Romana Gutierrez when talking to My San Antonio.

While the police may have written off the idea of a Bigfoot wandering around San Antonio, Bigfoot hunter Rick Tullos, who is with the group Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, wasn't so quick to give up. He searched the same area of the sighting with a member of the press and found tracks, which he will analyze to see if they were created by a human or by an animal. WOAI news reported that at least two different callers reported the Bigfoot sighting on Monday, and similar reports had been made two weeks ago, although those calls described the creature as "monkey-like."San Antonio reporters have been shocked by the idea that the police thought at least one of the callers sounded "surprisingly sober." Our Strange World has posted the video footage captured by the owners of JD's Paint and Body Shop. San Antonio is home to over one million people. Officials brag that it is the "most visited" city in the United States.

San Antonio is home to the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research. It's Primate Research division is ten years old. In Texas, it is legal for hunters to be out one-half hour before dawn and one-half hour after dusk.


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