Saturday 5 December 2009

News of a giant Black Boa or is it a Minhocao?

AH Juan Pablo Event November 2009, Iquitos, Peru

This news was received from our friend and co-researcher in the Amazon on the Friday 13th November! We sent him in the next day to get first hand photos and eye-witness accounts of the event from the locals in the settlement of AH Juan Pablo on the edge of the jungle city of Iquitos (where our expedition base was in March 2009).

This event took place only 1.3KM from the Moronococha event which we reported in June 2009 where a giant black boa dragged a floating island across a lake to destroy a house (on stilts).This gives the evidence provenance. The Moronocha account can be found further down this page.

We have already published our connection between the Sachamama (mother of the earth), Yacumama (mother of the water) and the Minhocao (S. American Cryptid) stating that we believe these all to be the same animal, a giant black snake, known for its burrowing behaviour and propensity to leave large channels and trenches in its habitat.

It turned out that the photographers from El Popular newspaper went in the day of the event (Monday, 9th November) and we were able to obtain their photos and add them to those we commissioned privately 3 days later on Monday 16th November.

We believe that this is the first time that a Minhocao 'trench' has been photographed and released to the world!

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