Sunday 13 December 2009

Not amused at the cryptozoological community

It has come to my notice that some unscrupulous people have been using my name "Tabitca" to try and join cryptozoological sites they are barred from. Firstly they should know I sometimes write under that name and it is copyrighted to me and secondly I believe it is a criminal offence to use someone elses name / identity for you own gain and their detriment. What appalls me the most is that people would stoop this low to access a website. It's just defies belief that some boards in the community contain people that would behave in this manner and it basically defines what is wrong with the cryptozoological community. Nothing will ever be achieved if people don't work together and stop this underhand despicable behaviour. Academics argue all the time but it is the only community I know that includes personal attack in it's discussion. The people I am talking about know who they are and which website/ board they belong to and which website they tried to infiltrate. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves but be aware I do know who you are and if you try to use my name again without permission, I will take action against you. Some one has to stand up to these cryptozoological hooligans. It is probably the same people who post crude and nasty anonymous remarks that I have to delete. Children access cryptozoological sites as they love reading about monsters etc. What sort of example are you setting them and if you have children do they know how you behave online?
Grow up and show some decorum and stop this stupid sniping and bad behaviour. If the community is to be taken seriously you have to learn to behave with some manners and professionalism.


Anonymous said...

Very well said. I do try to ignore said crowd. Your views, and your words are always welcome "Tabitca".


Gavin Lloyd Wilson said...

Why are they barred from such sites in the first place? They must have been acting in an objectionable manner, surely?