Friday 5 March 2010

Norway sea serpent sighting 2009

A sea serpent sighting has appeared here :

Diana's Midgard serpent sighting took place in Norway on September 15 2009 at Flam Fjord. Flam is situated in a tributary of the Sognefjord which is 204 kilometres long and is reported to be up to 1308 metres ( approx 4000 feet) deep.

There are lots of reports going back hundreds of years of serpent sightings in Norway and Sweden .

There is reputedly a sea serpent in Lake Mjosa, (There have also been reports of mermaids that many fishermen swear they have seen).Lake Mjosa is the largest lake in Norway with a depth of over 467 metres,(1400 feet) . Reports and stories are said to go back 400 years of sightings of a long necked, serpentine like marine animal.

In northern Sweden is Lake Storsjo which is said to be inhabited by Sweden's version of the Loch Ness monster. The creature is documented to have been seen 400 times. An example of the reports: Fisheries Officer Ragnar Bjorks, aged 73, was out on the lake checking fishing permits when a huge tail broke the surface near his 12-foot boat. The creature appeared to be 6 metres( 18 feet ) in length and was grey- brown with a lighter underbelly. Bjorks hit the animal with his oar, and the beast slapped the water with his tail, throwing the rowboat 3-4 metres( 9-12 feet) into the air. The creature is normally described as having a large neck undulating back and forth and between 3 metres( 9 feet) and 14 metres( 42 feet ) long.

For more information see this database of Norwegian sea serpents:

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