Saturday 27 March 2010

Strange Creatures seen off coast of Hull UK

Harold T Wilkins has written a lot of Fortean books in one called Monster and Mysteries (James Pike 1972) he told a story of a sea monster seen off Hull UK.

Unfortunately it had no date. : (My paraphrasing here as I no longer have a copy of the book))

A seaman on board a ship heading for Hull saw something strange in the water. He described it as 30 feet(10 metres) by 4 feet( 1.1 metres), slimy black in colour with a big eel like head. It was lying on top of the water. The seaman was an old sea dog of 40 years and said it wasn’t a whale or a shark and were he to see it again he would retire from the sea and remain on land.

In 1927 a steamship travelling from Hamburg to Hull ran into fog as it sailed along the East Yorkshire coast. As the fog started to lift the person in the wheelhouse( presumably the captain) saw in front of the ship what looked like a 10-12 feet( 3.1- 4 metres) mast sticking out of the water. He rushed to alert the engine room to move astern and as he did so he looked back and the mast moved and went around to the port side. The object then reappeared with what looked like a second mast curved around like an elephants trunk of huge girth. The passengers on board saw what appeared to be a black coloured body as it rose higher and then it submerged.

I have been unable to find out anymore about these sightings but there is a Maritime Museum in Hull so I will try and contact them to see if they have any information. If anyone else knows anything please post a comment

Hull is up or down the coast depending on which direction you come from , from Skegness where strange sea creature sightings were reported .see blog:


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