Friday 9 July 2010

Bigfoot Found? and an out of place creature in the UK

Over at Phantoms and Monsters there is news of a confirmed sighting of a bigfoot family.
Thursday, July 08, 2010
Breaking News: Bigfoot Found in North America? CONFIRMATION!

UPDATE: 10:10 pm ET - Lan Lamphere of Overnight AM is reporting on his live show that there were actually 2 reports of a 'hairy woman' before the original report. Starting the show, Lamphere stated that the Sasquatch report is 'absolutely true'. Seems that the Sasquatch have migrated towards the front of the house and 'Mr. Mike' states he is communicating with them. Also, more Sasquatch have arrived and there are at least 2 infants! A private investigator was hired to perform a background check on 'Mr. Mike'...and he checks out OK. The PI was at the location for 2 hours and confirms that the Sasquatch are REAL (one apparently walked up behind him in the dark and grunted) and there are PHOTOS! A crew is now on the way to investigate this weekend. BTW, the location is a northern U.S. state...that's all that has been disclosed so far. Stay tuned...Lon. full story :

(Keep an eye on this one everyone, it will be interesting to see what developes)

And an out of place animal in the UK:
ANGLER Steve Bellion was shell-shocked last night - after catching a giant TURTLE.Steve, 23, was fishing for carp when he hooked the 57lb monster in a lake near Birmingham.He was amazed when he got it on the bank and it was identified as an 80-year-old alligator snapping turtle, from south-eastern USA.Tales had abounded for a decade of a vicious creature biting through anglers' lines and attacking ducks.Steve said: "It was hissing and snapping and could easily have taken your hand off."The ancient female is believed to have been a pet which grew too big and was released into Earlswood Reservoir.British Waterways staff moved it to West Midlands Safari Park - where it may now mate with a resident male.
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