Thursday 15 July 2010

Yet more Chupacabra

Sightings of a mysterious creature in Hart Park have some convinced the mythical chupacabra is here in Kern County.The legend of the chupacabra says its part dog, part kangaroo, part cat, and all elusive.Chupacabra sightings caught on tape can be found all over, some live, some dead.Chupacabra sightings started showing up in the late 1990s in Puerto Rico, after herds of goats were found killed. Now legends of the fabled beast have headed west. You could call the chupacabra the Latin Bigfoot.Kamerina DeLaRosa was driving though hart park a few weeks ago with a friend when they saw it, and pulled over.“When we spotted it, it was walking up this way and it stopped right here in front of the tree and it stopped and turned and looked at us and then it came through here and walked up this way,” De La Rose said.We showed the photos to Bob Larude, Director of the kern County Parks and recreation Department.Larude has heard about some weird looking animal roaming around here. He has a much-less fascinating explanation."Yeah, a coyote with mange, but that's what we've heard, nobody has been able to confirm that,” Larude said."I believe that they are real," De La Rosa said.Larude said the animals do not hurt anyone, and people should leave them alone. Source:

I think people are starting to see chupacabra everywhere, for a rarely seen creature , it seems to have suddenly become a media whore and appearing everywhere .lol.

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