Monday 19 July 2010

Chinese Sasquatch and Chupacabra Lady in the news

Chinese Sasquatch suspected   2010-07-19 09:03:21           
BEIJING, July 19 (Xinhuanet) -- Bears or Bigfoot? That's what villagers in Shennongjia, Hubei Province are wonder-ing ever since one man named Ding Fei, 33, found mysterious thick curly hairs with transparent roots on July 9 at a location called Swallow Hole on a local mountain.After Ding reported his discovery to the neighborhood committee, some professional researchers found additional hairs and a 30-centimeter-long footprint at the same place on July 11.According to their research, the hair isn't human or livestock, but the possibility of bears could not be ruled out.

'Chupacabra Lady' in high demand after latest sightings
BY KAYLA BELLOriginally published July 18, 2010
 When Phylis Canion returned Thursday from a trip to South America, the woman nicknamed "The Chupacabra Lady" was shocked to find hundreds of missed calls and e-mails. While Canion was away, two chupacabra-like animals were spotted in Hood County. And everyone wanted to know what the nutrition-expert-by-day, chupacabra-enthusiast-by-night thought of the latest sightings.Canion gained notoriety in 2007 when a chupacabra-like animal died near her ranch near Cuero. Since then, Canion has tested the animal's DNA at five different universities, and discovered the animal is a hybrid: coyote on its maternal side, Mexican wolf on the paternal side.Canion has received international attention for her bizarre discovery and said she enjoys the discussions she has with some of the nation's "most intellectual scientists.""I get an average of 100 calls a month and probably 150 e-mails," Canion said Sunday. "People want to know the latest, and they send me pictures, asking me what I think about what they found."Despite all the inquiries, Canion hadn't seen photos or video of the Chupacabra-like creature until Sunday night.After seeing a link to a news story, Canion confirmed the creature looked like the one she found and ultimately mounted."Sure wish I knew if it was male or female," she said, adding that she'd like to see its paw print to compare to the one she found.Canion said she always asks people if their Chupacabra find has the two characteristics that stumped scientists when it came to her creature.Normal canines have four nipples on each side, Canion said. Hers only had two on each side and no mammary glands. Canion's find also had unexplainable "pouches" on each side of its tail, which she opened up to reveal "pink-looking meat.""Oh my gosh, it's bizarre," she said, still referring to her chupacabra. "I don't think any have been as bizarre as the one I've found." 

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