Sunday 31 July 2011

big cat news from Scotland

Appeal for Moray big cat sightings
A TEAM hoping to prove the existence of big cats in Moray next month is looking to hear from landowners who believe they have witnessed pumas and panthers prowling the area.The Big Cats In Britain group will be heading to Moray for a vigil towards the end of August, and members are hoping to hear from Moray residents who have spotted what they believe to be large non-native felines.
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Cornhill wildcats caught on camera
By Graham Crawford
A BANFFSHIRE man may have captured extremely rare pictures of a Scottish wildcat and her kitten, just yards from his house.The crofter, who lives with his wife a few miles from Cornhill, is keeping their identities and location secret because the wildcat is a protected species.There could be fewer than 400 of them remaining in the Highlands, making them rarer than Bengal tigers and at risk of extinction.If the Cornhill sighting is verified, it would back up reports that the cats are extending out to agricultural areas of Aberdeenshire from their more common habitat around the Cairngorms.

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