Saturday 16 July 2011

A chessie not "the chessie "

Famous Manatee 'Chessie' Sighted In Chesapeake Bay After Long Absence
by News Service - July 15, 2011 19:34 EST

GAINSVILLE, Florida -- A manatee spotted this week in Calvert County, Maryland is the same one that first made waves 17 years ago when he appeared in Chesapeake Bay just before the onset of winter and later had to be rescued.Named "Chessie," the manatee's identity was verified by U.S. Geological Survey biologist Cathy Beck, who used photos taken July 12 and matched them with Chessie's photographic record in a USGS manatee database. Chessie;s tell-tale markings include a long, gray scar on his left side.

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