Sunday, 3 July 2011

Could Nessie be a large Eel?

This report was printed in The  London Times  March 6, 1856:

The Sea Serpent in the Highlands

The village of Leurbost, Parish of Lochs, Lewis, is at present the scene of an unusual occurrence.  This is no less than the appearance in one of the inland fresh-water lakes of an animal which from its great size and dimensions has not a little puzzled our island naturalists.  Some suppose him to be a description of the hitherto mythological water-kelpie; while others refer it to the minute descriptions of the "sea-serpent," which are revived from time to time in the newspaper columns.  It has been repeatedly seen within the last fortnight by crowds of people, many of whom have come from the remotest parts of the parish to witness the uncommon spectacle.  The animal is described by some as being in appearance and size like "a large peat stack," while others affirm that a "six-oared boat" could pass between the huge fins, which are occasionally visible.  All, however, agree in describing its form as that of an eel; and we have heard one, whose evidence we can rely upon, state that in length he supposed it to be about 40 feet.  It is probable that it is no more than a conger eel after all, animals of this description having been caught in the Highland lakes which have attained huge size.  He is currently reported to have swallowed a blanket inadvertently left on the bank by a girl herding cattle.  A sportsman ensconced himself with a rifle in the vicinity of the loch during a whole day, hoping to get a shot, but did no execution.

So maybe the stories of large eels being caught in the Loch could be true.In the 70s some locals would talk about when eel fishing had been popular in Loch Ness and their fathers/grandfathers catching huge eels over 12 feet(4 metres) long.I doubt anyone is alive now to remember that time but someone, somewhere may have an old photo in a family album of grandfather with a huge eel he caught. You never know.

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Glasgow Boy said...

One of the better theories expounded by Prof. Roy Mackal. The trouble is the loch ness eel has to be thick bodied.