Thursday 14 July 2011

Ship Wrecks and monsters in lake Huron

Long-lost shipwrecks discovered in Lake Huron
'Project Shiphunt' documents remains of ships that went down in 1889 and 1905
RESQUE ISLE, Mich. — A team of underwater explorers has found two long-lost shipwrecks in northeastern Lake Huron.Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary on Wednesday announced the discovery of the schooner M.F. Merrick and the steel freighter Etruria in deep water off Presque Isle. They were detected during an expedition called "Project Shiphunt," which involved scientists and historians from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration and five high school students from Saginaw, Mich.Both ships sank after colliding with steamers in dense fog.The 138-foot-long Merrick went down in 1889. Five crew members were killed. The intact hull was found resting upright on the lake bottom.The Etruria, which was 414 feet long, sank in 1905 — just three years after it was launched. Today the steamer sits upside down in deep water.
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There are also supposed to be lake monsters in Lake Huron. In 1975 a group of creatures were reported seen by the London Ontario Free Press on June 12th near Kincardine and another in the Goderich area in 1989.
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Anonymous said...

I too have witnessed this type of creature in Lake Huron, near Goderich. In October 2015, I witnessed the most unusual sight.
It was against all common sense.
The object was going against the current, against the wind and above the water line. It was about a km. out, about 16 - 20 feet long and possibly 3 feet in width. It moved quite quickly up the coast. (Guessing 15kms an hour or faster as I compared it to a motor boat I have ). The object moved dead straight until it disappeared around the point near Point Farms Provincial Park.
It was black, elongated, torpedo like. No splashes were formed. The object was slightly above the waves.
It was impossible to be shadows of clouds or any other natural event.