Tuesday 15 May 2012

for lovers of Fortean fiction


First the Hellhound is seen , then the Ghostly coach with the head less driver , a man is found beheaded and a respectable church goer says Dracula drank her blood. What is going on in Whitby? Has someone opened up Hell? The Fifth Reich are funding a dig at the old Abbey ruins. What they are searching for was buried to keep it safe from men a long time ago.Laura and her companions and Henry and the Knights find themselves facing some truths, some ghosts and demons. The end comes swiftly but who for?

"They stood transfixed as the coach raced towards them , unable to move or speak. The sight of the coach was terrifying , black horses foaming at the mouth straining to go faster pulling a black coach with no lights and driving them a man with no head, just a neck stump, the old blood stains showing on his high collared cloak. It looked like something from the 18th Century. The noise of the horses’ hooves and clatter of the wheels on the cobbles was deafening in the narrow street and seemed to reverberate within their heads and echo all around them."

By the successful author of “Dark Ness” (now in paperback) and “Dark Wear”

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