Thursday 10 May 2012

Giant Beaver in Boston lake?

Blog tracks 'sightings' of Jessie, a mysterious monster beneath Jamaica Pond
May 09, 2012|By Matt Rocheleau, Town Correspondent, Globe Staff
Could there be a monster living beneath the serene waters of Jamaica Pond?
State officials released some 1,150 fish into Jamaica Pond last month, saying the bounty would feed the imaginations of local anglers as winter gives way to spring.However, some speculate that the annual hefty stock of trout and salmon could feed a different hunger: a mysterious monster that lurks beneath Boston's largest body of freshwater.
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Anonymous said...

Been to the pond quite often and have seen two interesting things. One appeared to look like a beaver 4ft long covered in brown fur. The other looks like a large white fish or eel like that swims in place a lot also about 4ft.