Sunday 6 May 2012

strange fish caught

Man catches fish with duck beak from Hau River
Tuoi Tre
Nguyen Thanh Nhan in Binh Minh district, the Mekong Delta province of Vinh Long last Friday caught a 2 kilo fish that has a jaw looking like a duck beak.
According to Nhan, he was sitting on a boat on Hau River when he saw two strange fish rising up from the water.He used a net to catch one.Hearing about Nhan with the strange fish, locals throng his house to watch but no one could tell what kind of fish it is.Although having a body of a fresh water fish, it has a head looking like an alligator and its skin is like that of a snake.
Could it be an alligator gar perhaps? I am not an expert on fish but perhaps a fisherman seeing this might know.

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Crypto_Outlaw said...

It's a fish called an Alligator Gar