Friday 18 May 2012

terror croc shot and a huge oyster found.

Australian rangers shoot 'terror' saltwater crocodile
Crocodile from the Northern Territory Authorities said they found the remains of a dog, some shorts and a nappy inside the crocodile Rangers in Australia's Northern Territory have shot dead a saltwater crocodile with a taste for dogs, clothing and other oddities, local media report. The 3.5-metre long (11.5ft) crocodile was attacking a dog at a beach near the community of Galiwinku on Elcho island on Tuesday when it was shot. The injured dog survived the attack .Police said they found the remains of another dog and a football in the crocodile's stomach. It had also swallowed a pair of children's shorts and a nappy.

Shetland trawler catches 'biggest oyster'
Big oyster The oyster is more than 20mm wider than the previous UK record holder.A Shetland trawler has caught what experts believe could be the largest oyster ever found in the UK.The Fidelitas was trawling 27 miles off Bressay when it caught the shell, which measures 201mm across and weighed just over a kilogramme. Skipper Mark Anderson brought it to the NAFC Marine Centre, which confirmed its record-breaking potential. The previous UK record holder, reported in Cornwall in 2009, measured 178mm across and weighed about 1.3kg.Dr Beth Leslie from the NAFC Marine Centre said: "Native oysters are relatively rare in Shetland waters and for one to be caught in a trawl is very unusual."This oyster was also found at around 120m, which is much deeper than would be expected for this species."Although it is not possible to accurately age the shell, it is possible that this individual could have been living for decades."

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