Tuesday 10 March 2009

Mokele Mbembe quests

In view of the latest expedition of the Monster Quest programme team to the Congo to hunt for the living dinosaur, I thought people may be interested in this site which lists previous expeditions and findings.Certainly if you are new to cryptozoology , it will give some insight to the history of the sightings and stories about Mokele Mbembe. I am never quite sure of the spelling as have seen it spelt different ways.The meaning can be anything from "the spirit of the forest" to "he who stops rivers with his large bottom"


I would also suggest reading Rory Nugent's book and Arden O'Hanlon's book, on their visits to the congo. It makes interesting reading.I believe the Monster Quest crew are actually in Cameroon ,not the actual Congo due to the ever present civil war there.This of course may effect any evidence they may present.

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