Saturday 21 March 2009

A new Bigfoot Expedition report

text taken from :Bigfoot researchers study Sand Mountain by Lionel Green The Reporter pblished 19/03/2009.

A Bigfoot research group reported finding a handprint that “looked like a huge gorilla paw” during a recent expedition on Sand Mountain. “It would’ve made two of my hands,” said Hawk Spearman, a founder of the Alabama chapter of the Elusive Primates of North America, or EPNA. Spearman said the find was the first handprint he has discovered in more than a decade of research, although he has found footprints in the past. “We were pleased with what we did find,” he said.
From Feb. 20-22, Spearman said the group explored a heavily wooded area about 15 miles from U.S. 431 and the Albertville and Boaz area. Spearman declined to release the exact location because he said the property owners did not want media attention. Spearman said the group heard a number of vocalizations during the expedition. “One guy said it was like sleeping in a zoo,” added Spearman. “There has been activity out there for quite a while.”
One of the vocalizations was particularly interesting. “We heard something that sounded like a really mad cow vocal and then what sounded like a bear vocal,” Spearman said.
When the bear vocal drew closer, Spearman said, “All of a sudden we heard this vocal, like six deep, long, guttural growls. We know we upset what was there. We didn’t physically see anything. “We did get vocalizations from that area in January as well, but we were unable to identify them. Lo and behold, we were watching Animal Planet and heard a similar vocal. An expert from Texas A&M University said it was an unknown primate with human texture vocalization.”
Spearman said a former game warden from Pennsylvania accompanied the group and noted signs of a bear or a big cat in the area.

Interesting change from a footprint-a handprint. Growls could be anything from the animal kingdom but as the expert wasn't named it is hard to follow up. Still an interesting piece of news though!

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