Saturday 7 March 2009

Update on Yeti Expedition.

A team from Monster Quest History Channel, visited Chokpot, Silkigre, Siju, Rongsu and Rongrigittim villages and interviewed eyewitnesses and villagers, who had encountered a Mande Burung(Yeti). They also visited Nokrek National Park, and other adjoining areas where the Mande Burung is believed to have sighted.

The camera crew was equipped with various types of cameras and electronic gadgets including solar powered motion activated cameras, GPRS based digital still camera, GPS - global positioning system, high definition professional broadcast cameras, animal scent baits, electronic animal baits, etc.

The Centaur Adventure Team accompanied the History Channel for the filming. Dipu Marak, a Mande Burung enthusiast said, “We have provide the channel with all the video tapes of the earlier sighting, photographs, bone samples,a few strands of a suspected hair sample and a blood sample for DNA testing and identifications.”

The results should make interesting reading!

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