Monday 14 June 2010

Is publicity hiding Nessie?

Is publicity the cause of Nessie no longer being seen.? This extract from an article from the times online made me think:
There have been more than 4,000 purported Nessie sightings since she was first caught on camera by a surgeon on vacation in the 1930s. I spoke to a dignified elderly lady who saw her as a ten-year-old child. Mrs Muriel Buie, 79, who has never spoken publicly before about the monster, described how in 1937 she was driving past Urquhart Castle with her father and her mother and the chauffeur. "At Urquhart Castle another car had stopped, and we did, too. I saw two humps in the water and a wash, in the middle of the loch. "I certainly believe what I saw. There was something there. The monks in the abbey, they fully believed it too. At that time, people did not seek publicity."

I think that perhaps one of the reasons that people no longer report sightings is because of the furore the publicity can cause and because they often then find themselves ridiculed in the media and online. Some of the cryptozoological blogs have some people who can be very sharp in their criticism of others and their  sightings . I hope I always try to be polite about it , no matter how unlikely I think a sighting may be. (If I am not someone please tell me). If we continue to be so critical of people’s sightings of cryptids then they will stop reporting them. Too many people are quick to attack someone ‘s personal life or their  personality without looking at the sighting first . Who someone is should not affect the scientific analysis of a sighting. We live in a world where every event is online and in the media in minutes and where people are quick to call hoax. I believe it may be the reason we hear of less sightings of creatures like Nessie. People have seen what has happened to others and do not want to be subject to that sort of attention themselves.
There are publicity seekers , those who want their 15 minutes of fame, but let us not dismiss others because of those who seek to be in the limelight . I personally have always shunned publicity and it was Jon Downes at CFZ who persuaded me to write blogs and talk about my “hobby”. (I am still not sure I have done the right thing lol. ) .So if you enjoy reading my stuff , it is him you have to thank, otherwise it would never have appeared. I think as long as this media circus continues and people continue to immediately assume things are hoaxes , then the reporting of sightings will stay at a low level. 


Anonymous said...

There has been sightings of a creature in lake windermere that seemed to coincide with a drop in noise on the lake due to speed restrictions, maybe these creatures just don't like the noise.

Anonymous said...

Cryptozoo-oscity LOVE THIS SITE.
Worldwide there are so many sightings, it is not easy to just
dismiss them as hoxes.I personally
have never seen anything unexplained in all my years. That
however does not, diminish my belief of much of what I read , from the
statements and some of the photo`s
I have experienced once but never followed it up in case of ridicule. My wife and myself were
on holiday at a static caravan site in north Devon. I awoke one morning buried under the duvet.
Something like a person on one side
of the bed was patting and smoothing the duvet all the way round one side, along the foot of bed and up the side i was on. There was no noise whatsoever .For
some reason i thought it was my wife and i made no comment. Then it stopped , I rasised my head no one there. " Was that you my sweet"
I shouted. She was totally bewildered by my questioning. Does
a Spirit energy make her bed on
occassions in that caravan.The rest of the holiday was uneventful.

Tabitca said...

Thank you both for your comments.
Comment 1
Good point about the noise but Loch Ness isn't as busy as Windermere.
Comment 2
Thank you for the nice comment.
If someone sees your story about Devon they post a comment if they know of any similar incidents.