Sunday 6 June 2010

Was a baby bigfoot seen in 2009?

This sighting appears to be of a baby bigfoot :

McCurtain County, Oklahoma Date: 10/01/2009
Weather: afternoon 4:30pm overcast, good visibility
Nearest City: Smithville
State: Oklahoma
Highway: Beechton Rd.
Nearby water source: Yes, a river

What happened: We were on our way to a rental cabin in Smithville Oklahoma on Oct 1, 2009 on Beechton Road (dirt road) at about 4:30pm. The weather conditions were overcast, temp around 60, no rain, daylight, we were driving about 30 mph. No cars, houses, people for miles around. As we were heading to the west from Mena, Ak about a 1 ½ miles or so from the turnoff to the cabins, my wife smelled something sweet but dead smelling at the same time. About a minute after that, we went around a turn in the road, and saw an animal move across the road from the left to the right, into the brush and trees. This animal moved in a very fluid motion on all fours. It was dark grey or black, short hair, about 36” long and about 24” high. It had no tail, no collar on its neck. The head was completely round about the size of a large grapefruit. There were also no ears or snout visible. It ran by moving its legs back and forth, not together as in how a cat would run fast. We could not identify it. We thought we might have seen a baby Sasquatch, going to its mother in the woods. We felt the mother might have crossed first, before we came to the curve. We do know what it was not. It was not a dog, cat, bear, bobcat, skunk, wolverine, rat, rabbit, skunk, or anything else that we have ever seen, and we do spend a lot of time in the woods, hunting and camping. The total time we saw the animal was about 3 seconds, and we stopped to look were it had entered into the woods, but saw nothing. What was more striking in my mind was, if it were to stand up. It would have looked like a small dark person. (keep in mind we didn’t see the face) We still think to this day that is/was a baby Sasquatch. When we got back home in Missouri, we looked on the internet for baby gorillas, to compare what they looked like to this animal, and there was a close match.
The site has a drawing and lists lots of other sightings and the research work they do. Well worth a look. 

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