Saturday 6 February 2010

I will be speaking at the Weird Weekend this year

I am going to be a speaker at the weird weekend in August this year (see link below) so this a blatant plug , and I am going to talk about my experiences at Loch Ness as it is 40 years this summer since I first went up there aged 14 and met the LNIB people. So what’s the big deal; you might think. Well the big deal is that for all the years I have been going up there and all the years investigating stuff , this will be the first time I will be coming out in public about it. The reasons I can now do this is that I no longer work as an academic as ill health has forced me to leave work and now my daughter is getting established in a career of her as a plant scientist , it won’t effect her. I didn’t want her teased at school because her mother was a monster hunter and in academia, having what was termed strange hobbies meant you would be passed over for jobs and even lose your job. It is thanks to Jonathan Downes from CFZ , who encouraged me to write for the CFZ blog and now I am attempting a book about Loch Ness. If it passes muster CFZ will publish it. So it will be a big thing for me to be able to talk about Loch Ness and the characters I met there over the years and the whole experience. May be some of the blog readers on here will be going, if so please come up and introduce yourselves. I would love to meet you.

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