Saturday 6 February 2010

New bigfoot sighting?

Police probe "Big Foot" sighting

By Larry Chambers

Big Foot in Grayson County?

No one knows for sure but the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department received a call last Thursday night reporting Big Foot or some other furry, upright creature.

Sheriff Richard Vaughan said the sheriff’s office received a call about 9:30 p.m. from a Grayson County man who said his wife, another woman and a young boy were traveling north on Route 89.The caller reported that while traveling between the Blue Ridge Parkway bridge and Edmonds Road they spotted a huge creature that was about 7 feet tall, hairy all over and black.The creature reportedly came up to the edge of the highway and when he saw car lights disappeared into some pine trees nearby.Vaughan said he reported the incident to Virginia Conservation Police Officers, Jason Harris and George Shupe, who went to the scene last Friday to investigate but didn’t turn up anything. Reported sightings of Bigfoot or Sasquatch vary a good deal, but there are several details that remain consistent. Eyewitnesses describe a tall primate, at least 7 feet tall, that walks on two legs. It stands upright like a human being and is covered in long, dark fur. It has a face that is a cross between a gorilla and a human being. The Internet is littered with reports of alleged Sasquatch sightings and experiences in the Appalachian Mountains, particularly along the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Parkway; however, the scientific community does not acknowledge the alleged creature’s existence.

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