Friday 16 April 2010

Giant Shark or Monster?

A MONSTER hammerhead shark caught off the NSW north coast could soon become a Queensland tourism attraction. Famed Hervey Bay shark hunter Vic Hislop has bought the 1200kg, 5m monster and this week transported the amazing catch to Queensland. The huge shark made headlines in northern NSW last month when it was caught by a fishing boat four nautical miles off the coast of Evans Head. It had eaten a smaller shark hooked by the fishing boat and then became trapped itself. At 5m long, the shark is longer than a family car and could probably comfortably fit a few family members inside its massive belly. Researchers estimate the shark was at least 40 years old. Speaking to The Courier-Mail , Mr Hislop said he had not decided whether to house the spectacular specimen at his Hervey Bay shark show. "It's a magnificent specimen that's for sure," he said. "I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet though. "If I keep it there (at the shark museum) I will freeze it first." Some species of hammerheads are on the global endangered list, but they are rarely implicated in attacks on humans. Although that would be of little comfort to someone faced with a shark bigger than most Great Whites, the most feared of all sharks. And Mr Hislop had even more chilling news. "That's not the biggest one I've seen either," he said. "I've caught bigger."

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Read the comments below the article . The term monster I agree is not helpful. I am not sure it should be applied to a known creature , or any creature for that matter, but the media leads us that way.The first time the Loch Ness creature was called "monster" was by the press In saying that I would not want to meet a creature 5 metres( 15 feet) long in the water!. 

  An article  apparently about our 10 favourite monsters:



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