Thursday 29 April 2010

New Nessie sighting?

Found this new Loch Ness sighting . The site has the photos. As it is a site for advertising holiday lets though I think we view this with caution. Still worth a look.


“Nessie…Myth or Monster…New Evidence Comes to Light”

Foyers, South Loch Ness Side – Definitely not a boat and too big for a seal was the verdict of renowned, local monster hunter Steve Feltman when shown a photograph taken of a strange sighting last Tuesday night from the balcony of one of the lodges at Lodges on Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s newest holiday resorts. He suggested that further investigation be carried out immediately.

John Russell and Nigel Bell were relaxing and enjoying the views over the Loch when they noticed a long, dark object moving across the glass-like water creating a wake behind. Mr Russell immediately took a photograph with his digital camera just before the monster-like creature dived out of sight.

It later developed that a similar sighting was made the following morning by a retired RSM who lives in the village of Foyers just below.

And strangely like a sighting made five years ago by a group of people in virtually the same location. Dave and Kate Munro, owner/managers of the Lodges on Loch Ness site and formerly owners of the Craigdarroch House Hotel just next door, said at the time:

“One June night my wife Kate and our daughter-in-law Belinda were walking with the dogs. As they rounded the corner to the hotel car-park they noticed a disturbance on the loch and immediately told everybody about it in the hotel. We all went outside to see for ourselves what was causing the disturbance in the water. It was a flat calm day, no wind and no wave on the loch. We watched an incredible display of something weaving about in the water, travelling fast then slow, disappearing altogether and coming up somewhere else, and creating a wake as big as you would get from a small speed boat. All the family members, five members of staff and 16 hotel guests watched this for about 10 minutes. What was it? I honestly don’t know, but I will swear that what we saw that day was a living creature of some sort.”

As the controversy surrounding the Loch Ness Monster continues to rage on over the centuries, perhaps there is finally some proof thanks to the technology of our digital age…or does it simply add to the mystery?

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