Friday 9 April 2010

new big cat sighting

Panther pounces as woman walks her dog

A Heath Hayes woman got the fright of her life when she was confronted by what she believes was the Chase Panther while walking her dog. Kerry Goodyear said she had just began to walk her Springer Spaniel when she spotted the figure of a large black cat at the bottom of the driveway of her home. The shocked woman said the mysterious animal immediately took flight when it saw her and the dog. Kerry said the dog gave chase, but soon came back looking ‘terrified.’ Big cat experts say there is a high possibility of a Panther prowling the Chase, and residents near the forestland have reported a raft of sighting of large cats over the last few months. Kerry said her house backs on to the conservation area and she’s accustomed to foxes and hedgehogs in her garden. But her latest encounter with the wildlife of the area was something completely new. I believe I saw a large black cat at the end of my drive,” Kerry said. It was scared off by me and the presence of my dog, I watched it run away up the road. “My dog, being a springer spaniel, was off his lead and picked up the scent of the animal and started following him. “I was trying to call him back but when he’s got the scent of something he often ignores me.” Kerry said her dog soon came back after dashing into the undergrowth .“He followed the scent up off the drive and out of sight, I didn’t follow him as I was scared,” Kerry said .“I then heard a bump and the sound of claws scratching as though the animal was running away, to which my dog ran back to the house looking terrified. “I live in Heath Hayes and my house neighbours the conservation area.” Last year residents of Hawks Green reported seeing a big cat moving near disused units close to residential areas. But wildlife experts say there is no cause for concern and attacks from big cats on humans are unusual.


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