Thursday, 15 April 2010

Interesting bigfoot story

Could there be interbreeding between bigfoot and humans?

This story has appeared over at Phantoms and Monsters(A good site btw)

It leads to a link to this story of supposed bigfoot descendants. Read it and see what you think:

Wild woman, supposed relict hominoid, captured somewhere in a forest and having given birth from a local man in Abkhazia in the eve of 19th sentury

By Igor Burtsev, translated by Dmitri Bayanov

A P.S. I did wonder looking at the photos of the sons if they were suffering from acromegaly,a disease which causes gigantism or abnormal growth including distorted facial features. It is genetic. It would explain how they looked and also why they were not hairy like bigfoot. It may have been the villagers way of explaining the deformities and they were not children of a bigfoot at all. Just a thought.  

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