Wednesday 12 August 2009

Flying Bigfoot?

BlueMountainTrackers 'Bigfoot Research Update #1' ~ I am searching for proof and forming a Bigfoot research group

July 27, 2009 03:15 PM EDT

Having seen a tall man-like creature stride uphill with spans that I myself could not possibly cover in more than a few steps and having seen this creature again flying on a contraption that defies gravity, I have been more than curious as to what this strange creature is. I have been researching this mysterious being with a passion and interest that surpasses any other hobby that I have ever engaged in. Having information that I have accumulated over the last 3 1/2 going on 4 years that allows me to understand a little better what this creature that I saw might be, I feel as if I am pretty much prepared to have an encounter with this hairy ape-like man/creature at any time. I am equipped to record the next event, should it ever occur. Living in the heart of territory that is known to be Bigfoot stomping grounds only adds a plus to my chances of ever seeing this creature again. I really do hope to capture proof of this hairy mystery being before I get old and die. This is one of my main life goals, to prove to the world that I am not crazy and that what I have seen and heard was real, not just some hallucination of mind trick.

After having a possible Bigfoot encounter back in the late 90's where we (brother, sons, myself) possibly stumbled upon a hunting perch and having been tracked back to the cabin and harassed by an unseen creature in the night, I decided to stop being so sceptical about the Bigfoot legend that dominated the valley here. I truly used to believe the stories were hog-wash.

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(I make no comment because I am still laughing.)

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