Friday 14 August 2009

Lake Koskol and lake Kok-Kol Monsters .

Lake Koskol, in the former Russian province of Kazakhstan, was reported to hold a plesiosaur-like, Lake Monster .The first account of the creature to reach western ears was reportedly broadcast on a Soviet radio program in 1977. These reports suggested that the animal was most likely prehistoric in origin.

'Nature' magazine carried an article in 1977,( just after Sir Peter Scott had given a scientific genre name to 'Nessie' ),that 'Koskolteras Rhombopterix' might have been seen in Lake Kos Kol in Kazakhstan. The monster was 15 metres long with a large, 2m x 1m head. It quoted an unnamed commentator on Moscow radio observing that since several "extinct" species had been recently rediscovered to be still surviving, it was possible that "unknown creatures of the kind reported in both these lakes" might, indeed, exist.

I could find nothing since then that had been reported about the monster.

This is not to be confused with Aidakhar the monster of Lake Kok-Kol.

Kok-Kol lake lies in the Kazakhstan area Dzambul.. The report of a creature seen in the lake said that the body reached fifteen metres in length and that the head was a metre and eighty centimetres in size. During the seventies and early eighties Soviet scientists took a great interest in the lake. In 1986, an expedition went to the area to research the evidence but didn’t come back with any proof.. One of the characteristic attributes of the monster, was said to be its call. However, in January 1986 a report in the Soviet press agency Tass, (and also later in Western newspapers),by the team of the Soviet Academy of Sciences concluded, that after studying the findings of the expedition, the sounds were caused by noise of air being sucked into the cracks connecting the deep lake with underwater caves. The reports of turbulence in the lake were also attributed to these air ducts. Despite the official explanation, however, locals still believe in the monsters.

I translated with the help of google and a dictionary , the little information there was on these two creatures , so I apologise for any errors.

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