Monday 10 August 2009

Gryttie the monster of Gryttjen Lake

Gryttie is a freshwater lake creature which is reputed to dwell in the depths of Gryttjen Lake, in Sweden . Gryttjen Lake is located in a forest between the towns of Ljusdal and Hudiksvall. The lake has a depth of about 118 feet but local attempts with sounding lines have found deep holes measuring over 300 feet deep. It is a land locked lake.

There have been unconfirmed sightings since the 1800’s but none were fully documented. The lake monster is said to be a sort of sea serpent thought some have described it as round. There are a hand full of researchers who believe that Gryttie is a form of land locked sea serpent, which could have got into the lake via underground caverns . There are deep holes in the lake which could be underground passages, as measured by the locals.

Following the sightings which occurred in the mid 1980’s there have been research teams who have made expeditions to Lake Gryttjen in search of Gryttie. There has also been at least one documentary about Gryttie, produced for Swedish television. In 1985 a group calling themselves the Gryttie-group formed and started to make more systematic examinations of the lake including underwater cameras and side sonar scanning. In 1992 the Gryttie group used a side scan sonar and registered objects of 4.5 meters at a depth of 18.5 meters. They said the readings could not have been caused by gas or a school of fish.

The current theory today is that it is not a monster but actually some form of isolate of a sea cow that actually lives in the lake but no evidence has yet been uncovered to prove this.

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