Thursday 27 August 2009

Wolf sighting in the UK

Police hunt wolf after sighting in Lothians

Published Date: 26 August 2009

POLICE are investigating a reported sighting of a wolf in West Lothian.

The animal was reportedly seen being chased through a field by a herd of cattle.

Keith McDowell said he witnessed the scene while he was walking along the edge of Polkemmet Country Park near Whitburn in West Lothian on Tuesday. Police, who sent a team of officers to investigate, say they have alerted local farmers at locations near the country park. Mr McDowell, 38, who is a manager at the government's Housing Access department, reported the sighting to police because so many children walk through the area. He said: "I was just having a walk alongside the park when I saw a bit of commotion with the younger calves in the field just across from me. "I saw something circling the cattle – but at first I thought it was only the farmers dog or perhaps a fox.

"But then the larger cattle began charging right down the field after this animal I think it had been after the calves. "It came right through the fence onto the road – the cattle were stamping their feet and roaring around behind the gate. "A small blue car came down the road and slowed down – if it hadn't slowed down it would have hit the animal. "I was about 30 yards away when I realised it wasn't a fox – and it was way too big for a dog.

"It was only when I saw the size of it I knew it was a wolf ."It was silver with a sort of black dark streak along the back and it and quite a bushy tail. "It was either a wolf or the biggest, strangest looking Alsatian I've ever seen." Mr McDowell was concerned after the creature escaped into the country park where families and children often to play. He added: "When I got home the only thing on my mind that was it was definitely a wolf."

A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police confirmed that they are investigating the sighting. He said: "One patrol car was sent out to look for the creature. "We've also spoken to the local farmer and made him aware of the sighting."

Richard Morely, Director of the Wolves and Humans Foundation, said: "It is unusual to see wolves in the wild – but there are a number of people who claim they have seen what they believe to be wolves. "I can tell you that to my knowledge there aren't any wolves living wild in the UK ."But if it is a wolf it's more likely to be escaped from a private collection or a zoo."


After the topics earlier such as the beast of bray road, wolfman comes to mind lol. There may be wolves that have escaped from a zoo that are breeding some where in the UK. The Scottish highlands would be an ideal place for them. I think it could be a real possibility unless there is a wolf/ dog hybrid, which seems more unlikely.

A P.S. both the Highland Wildlife Park and the Edinburgh Zoo have wolves. maybe one escaped?

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