Monday 11 January 2010

Cameron Lake Creature caught on video?

Cameron Lake monster caught on video

By Neil Horner - Parksville Qualicum Beach News

Published: January 08, 2010

Cammie, the purported Cameron Lake monster, has made its presence known once again.

This time the creature was sighted by Coombs resident Kim MacDonald and her eight-year-old son Tristan, who were driving towards Port Alberni on just after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 5.“I had just picked my son up from school and we were driving towards Port Alberni and were getting towards the far end of the lake when something kept catching my eye,” MacDonald said. “At first I just thought it was a bird skimming across the water.” However, as she got closer to the disturbance, that all changed in a hurry.

“There was an enormous splash, like when someone jumps into the water,” she said.

Where the splash had been, she said, there was now a large object — something that didn’t look like a log. To her, it looked alive. “It was big,” she said. “My son said, ‘Oh my God, what’s that mum?’” Fortunately, MacDonald was at a spot where it was possible to pull over to the side of the highway and she did. “The head, if that’s what it was, was huge, bigger than a beaver,” she said. “I grabbed my camera and hopped on top of my truck.” MacDonald was able to capture about a second and a half of video before she switched the camera to picture mode and snapped one shot before whatever it was sank out of view.“ After I took that picture it was gone,” she said. “I drive past there all the time and I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was round and big. My heart was pounding for a long time.” The object or creature did not re-appear and MacDonald and her son continued on to Port Alberni. “When I came back later I kept looking for it, really looking, but it was gone,” she said. MacDonald has no theories about what she saw, although she has a couple of ideas about what it wasn’t. “I think it’s definitely not a fish or a beaver,” she said. Cameron Lake has long been reputed to have some form of large creature living in it, with numerous reports over the years of brief sightings of strange ripples and other disturbances in the water. The lake made national news last fall when a team of Vancouver cryptozoologists made an expedition to Cameron Lake to investigate.

to see video go here:

The video is barely a few seconds and looks like the head of an animal of some sort swimming in the lake. Interesting but can’t really see much from the video to make any conclusions.

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