Thursday 14 January 2010

new mystery cannid sighting Cannock Chase UK

Fresh sighting of UFO's and Werewolves on Cannock Chase

Hound of the Cannock hills?

A wave of paranormal and mysterious episodes in the town have helped usher in a new decade of spooky sightings, with readers encountering UFOs and wild wolves in the first week of the year. The area has a long standing association with paranormal activity – with websites across the World recording spooky incidents in the area. Resident, Jane McNally, recently had a run-in with a mysterious canine creature while out walking with her partner on Cannock Chase. “I was walking with my partner and his dog,” Jane said. “We put the dog back on the lead as we thought in the distance there was an enormous ‘dog.’ As we approached the animal we realised this wasn’t a dog and it just stared at us for a while – I said I thought it looked like a fox, but the size of a lioness – it then turned into the wooded area, and we proceeded to walk on .“As it turned its long, bushy black tipped tail, we realised it was definitely not a dog. “I have just logged onto the net and went onto images of wolves, and can honestly say whatever we saw yesterday was the closet thing to a wolf.” The area has also become a hotbed of UFO sightings, with dozens of people claiming to have witnessed strange lights in the sky. Christie Oliver became the latest person to experience a close encounter, when she spied mysterious lights over Heath Hayes at the turn of the year. “Me and my partner came home from celebrating New Year in Cannock and I let the dog out, turned to my left and saw four red dots in the sky,” she said. “I have never seen anything like this before. I immediately called my other half out to look at it. I could not believe my eyes. “They then flew north and two of them disappeared. The last one went around six seconds later. I can’t believe what I saw, and I would like to find out if anyone else saw it too? It was around 00.37 on New Years Day.”


Cannock Chase in the UK is a hot bed of sightings of strange things. Is it that it attracts things to the area or is it that the area attracts people who see strange things? Something to think about. A wolf ,although unusual in the UK, could have escaped from a zoo or wildlife park and would survive quite well in the area.

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