Friday 1 January 2010

What do I wish for cryptozoology 2010?

Well a new decade begins and I got to thinking about what I would wish for cryptozoology this decade.
Firstly I would like to see people in the community behaving more professionally. The subject of unknown animals will never be taken seriously by the rest of the world until the community stops behaving like children, sniping and back biting and trying to denigrate other people's work. There are charlatans in science( remember the cloning humans stuff?) as well as cryptozoology, we have to learn to live with it. That does not mean we have to subject everyone to derision and nastiness. This is supposed to be an open mineded subject ,yet I have come across some of the most closed minds since writing this blog more than in all my years as an academic. Grow up and behave like the scientists you want to be and stop all this pettiness.
Secondly for myself I would like to see the discovery and proof of giant eels or something similar in a lake anywhere. I think this would take us forward in the lake monster debate ,and in the discovery of many more things.
Thirdly for the believers in bigfoot, I would like to see you all get some tangible evidence for your case. I hope you get it and it is indisputable.

And all that remains after my three wishes is to wish you all the very best you hope for in 2010 and may you prosper , be healthy and most of all be happy .

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