Wednesday 20 January 2010

The creature of Lake Voronta

I have been unable to find out much about the Voronta Beast which is said to live in Lake Voronta in Siberia. The lack of information could be because access to the lake is not easy and the nearest village is over a 100 miles away. Not a place to find a journalist hanging about !

In July of 1953 a geologist, V.A. Tverdokhlebov, and his assistant, claimed that they saw a creature in the lake whilst doing some work in the area. It was a perfect, windless day. and the two at first thought it was a petrol drum floating roughly 300 feet ( 100 metres) from the shoreline. As the lake is so isolated though it was unlikely that it was an oil drum dumped in the lake. It was then that they realised that the object was alive. Tverdokhlebov described the creature as a dark grey colour ,about 30 feet(10 metres) in length and about 6 feet (2 metres) wide. On its head , he thought he could see two light-coloured patches. The dorsal fin of the creature was bent backwards and it appeared to be moving like a dolphin, in forward leaps. After a while, still at 300 feet away(100 metres) from shore it began to wildly splash the water before plunging mysteriously out of sight.

Another geologist who remained anonymous also witnessed something in the lake .He described the monster as " an ominous looking dark grey shape. Its body resembled an oversized, glistening, tin-barrel with a slanted horn rudder on its back".

There have been other sporadic small Soviet expeditions sent to Lake Voronta to collect evidence of the creature, but none , as far as we know, have been successful.

So what was it? Most seem to think it was some sort of dolphin or whale. The questions are, how did it get there and was it the only creature in the lake? In such an isolated spot it was unlikely to have been introduced into the lake as a single entity like a discarded pet. Hopefully further expeditions may visit the lake and with modern equipment find some evidence of what it was, or if it is , or it’s ancestors still there.

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