Tuesday 11 May 2010

A Monster Hunter

There is one monster( I dislike using the term Monster and prefer to say Creature but it is how the press portray things) hunter at Loch Ness, an academic, that not many people know about. Most have heard of Frank Searle, Tim Dinsdale, Roy Mackel and Bob Rines but I wonder how many know the name of Henry Bauer? Henry first visited the Loch in 1958 and has spent many summers the since. Henry believes in Nessie , wrote a book about it and you can find out more at his website:


Extract from his website: Because the media continue to treat Nessie only as an amusing story. The objective and strong evidence summarized in the above article is not properly presented in the "documentary" films and television programs about the subject. There have been at least 18 such programs (in English alone) since the 1970s. Typically they give the false impression that eyewitness reports are the main grounds for believing Nessies to be real. Often the strongest evidence is not even mentioned, and when it  is, it is often misrepresented.   For a detailed analysis of the 17 documentaries shown between 1972 and 2001, see my article,

"Common Knowledge about the Loch Ness Monster"

Journal of Scientific Exploration, 16(3): 455--477 (2002)

I had published earlier analyses of the coverage that Nessie has received

in newspapers, magazines, and books:

Public Perception of the Loch Ness Monster, Scottish Naturalist, 1988, 69--93

The Loch Ness Monster: Public Perception and the Evidence, Cryptozoology, 1 (1982) 40—45

 Henry does have some controversial theories on some subjects but I have always found him to be a gentleman and very friendly and helpful. He and Tim Dinsdale got along well and I could see why, they were both , I found, to be basically nice honest people.( Which is more than can be said for some that were around the Loch at various times). Henry has always replied when I have contacted him, is always pleasant and helpful so I thought he deserved a blog post. 



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