Thursday 20 May 2010

Texas Bigfoot sightings

 It seems Bigfoot  is being seen and reported more often in Texas :


East Texans recall encounters with Bigfoot

For years, people have claimed sightings of a large, human-like creature in the thick woods of East Texas. About 300 people recently gathered in Tyler for a Bigfoot Conference to share their personal confrontations with the creature. Speaker Daryl Colyer, who claims to have had an encounter with the beast, said he heard the legends and stories from families when he was growing up. Colyer’s own encounter with Bigfoot occurred near the Trinity River in Liberty County. He and his wife were walking along a trail at dusk when they spotted a large, hairy figure with a musky smell. Here are some other sightings of Bigfoot-type creatures in East Texas:

In 2003, a motorist spotted an 8-foot-tall creature crossing Texas Highway 154 near Harleton and Little Cypress Bayou.

In December 2001, a deer hunter near Marshall saw a 7-foot upright ape-like figure that was dark brown in color. The figure was picking up apples.

In October 1995, a man was looking at land he was considering buying near Cleveland when he saw a creature lying on the ground. The creature rose on two legs and hit the man in the chest.

In June 1976 near Vidor, a couple moved out of their house because they had enough of Bigfoot sightings in the area.

In summer 1976, a witness reported seeing a 12-foot-tall creature with silver hair eating ears of corn near Hallsville.

Not all of the Bigfoot sightings have turned out to be accurate. In his book “The Search for Bigfoot,” Peter Byrne wrote about a man who claimed to have seen a Bigfoot creature standing with his back to the man, streaked in gray and black hair, huge, broad-shouldered and bent over. When Byrne investigated, he discovered the man had seen nothing but a roadside stump. For more than 400 years, people have been reporting large, hair-covered, manlike animals in wilderness areas of North America. Sightings of the creatures and their tracks continue today.



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