Wednesday 22 July 2009

Big cat attack on horse

Police have warned the public not to approach big cats after a suspected puma attack on a horse in Ayrshire. The animal's owner found it badly injured near Sundrum Holiday Park in Coylton on Friday, with claw and slash marks on its hind quarters. Experts called in to examine the injuries said they were probably caused by a big cat, possibly a puma. The incident came after a member of staff reported a sighting of a large cat in the park two months ago. Strathclyde Police said the horse is making a good recovery and urged the public to report any further sightings. Supt John Hazlett, said: "After consultation with experts, the evidence points to a big cat, possibly a puma, having caused the injuries to the horse. "There was a possible sighting of a large cat in the grounds of Sundrum Castle back in May, when a member of staff at the castle reported seeing a very large cat prowling the grounds one morning." Mr Hazlett said a puma was unlikely to approach or present a danger to humans - but warned members of the public not to approach the animal, if it was seen. He added: "I would also ask local farmers to take extra caution with their animals and to contact police if any of them are injured."The animal in the May sighting was said to be sandy in colour and about 4ft tall and 6ft long. The horse is making a good recovery.

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