Sunday 12 July 2009

out of place crocodile.

Out of place animals are always interesting.

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY — Beachgoers said a scaly visitor was crawling through the tide Tuesday. Residents said they spotted a crocodile on the beachside south of the Sebastian Inlet State Park in Indian River County. It’s one of a couple of sightings of crocodiles and alligators along Atlantic Ocean beaches in recent weeks, with a few spotted in Brevard County last month. Staff at the park heard reports of the crocodile, but said the animal did not cross the park property. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the creatures could be reaching the beachside by land or swimming through the Sebastian Inlet. Alligators are found mostly in freshwater areas, are black in color, with only upper teeth exposed and a rounded snout. Crocodiles stick to brackish or saltwater habitats, are grayish in color, with teeth exposed when the mouth is closed and a sleek snout. Lifeguards in Indian River County said they couldn’t recall any previous sightings of crocodiles or alligators on the beaches here. But late last month, several people spotted an American crocodile at the Cocoa Beach Pier in Brevard County. A trapper was called to catch the reptile. That same week, beachgoers in Satellite Beach saw an alligator paddling in the Atlantic Ocean. A resident of the beachside town trailed the gator for about a mile as it swam north.

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