Sunday 5 July 2009

Latest news on Ogopogo, lake monster of Canada.

Lake Okanagan in Canada is said to be the home of a water monster called Ogopogo The lake is approximately 120 kilometres long; 3.5 kilometres wide and is 235 metres at its deepest point. Indigenous people have legends about a monster in the lake. Sightings are reported of a creature 20 to 50 feet long, with a horse shaped head and an undulating serpent like body.The first recorded sighting was by John Allison in 1872.

In 2000 marathon swimmer, Daryl Ellis, reported being accompanied for a short distance during his swim by two large creatures as he passed Rattlesnake Island. He described them as one being 6 - 9 metres (20 - 30 feet) long and the second being smaller. They followed him for quite awhile and then disappeared. When he swam near Okanagan Lake floating bridge in Kelowna, a creature with a large eye the size of a grapefruit came within 9 metres to get a close look at him."

The most recent search for Ogopogo was on Okanagan Lake the week of November 3rd, 2008. A documentary was filmed for the History Channel.

Then this news item appeared :

British Columbia’s Daily Courier By Daily Courier Staff
Friday, June 26, 2009

Two scientists have agreed to analyze the remains of a mysterious-looking specimen found along the shore of Okanagan Lake. Remains beg question.A tissue sample of the creature will be sent to a researcher in Ontario for DNA testing, and the carcass itself will be examined by a scientist in Alberta.
The remains were found last week by Kelowna resident Dan Poppoff as he paddled his kayak near the far end of Lakeshore Road. For now, he’s still got the carcass, which measures more than a metre-long in his freezer at home.
Poppoff is reluctant to suggest the strange-looking carcass might be those of an Ogopogo, the fabled inhabitant of Okanagan Lake. But he is interested in finding out just what it is. He contacted Arlene Gaal, a Kelowna woman who was written extensively on Ogopogo sightings over the years. Gaal is making arrangements to send the tissue sample and carcass to the two researchers, who she declines to identify.
"If I name them, people will be calling them left and right, and they won’t be able to get on with the business of determining just what this creature is," Gaal said Thursday.
"But I can assure you that both of them are very reputable people, experts in their fields. Both of them are attached to universities," Gaal said. Gaal isn’t sure when the results of the investigation will be available, but she hopes it will be fairly soon.

See the article here :

Lets hope it turns out to be something new, a new species or a hybrid. That would be head line news!


Michele said...

I was born in Nelson and raised in the Okanagan Valley. I'm sure that I saw what appeared to be a reptilian type body that undulated as it swam through the water.It was in the 1980's and was at the northern end of the lake.I was going to college in Kelowna at the time.The lake is much busier now but I still believe. Michele

Anonymous said...

Hi Michele,

I'm an Ogopogo researcher in B.C. your story sounds really interesting. Is it okay if I either interview you or send you a questionnaire to fill in sometime? My email address is if you want to contact me.

Thank you in advance.

B.H. said...

Hello Michelle,

I'm a lake creature researcher in British Columbia and I've researched Ogopogo quite often. Feel free to submit your story at in more detail. I'd love to hear more of it.

Thank you in advance.