Saturday 4 July 2009

The Weatherford Monster Texas.

Weatherford monster urban myth , folktale or have people seen something strange?

Along Waterford Lake Texas there are sites where the Weatherford Monster is rumoured to roam. The stories are supposed to have been around since the indigenous natives lived in the area and reported seeing a fire breathing bull that roamed the villages killing several warriors until one was brave enough to pierce his heart with a spear.

More recent sightings have been since the lake was expanded in the 1950’s and vary from descriptions for the “monster” as being either a Big Foot” or a giant hairless armadillo. The most recent sightings apparently match the stories of a giant bull with glowing eyes and in some cases with flames coming out of his nose.

The only site I could find is this one:

The site states : Modern sightings of the beast started in the 1950s. In 1953 during a terrible drought the small lake originally owned by the Texas and Pacific Railroad was purchased by the community of Weatherford. The area was expanded to make a more permanent water supply.

This is when the sightings began to take hold of the community. Most of the reported encounters offer little true evidence of the existence of a mythical monster. However fascination with the beast has increased steadily over the years.

There is also a group called The Organization of Weatherford Witches which have ceremonies dedicated to the beast.

So another urban myth or does someone have some insight into where this story came from?

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