Saturday 5 September 2009

New Big cat sightings USA and UK

Big cats are in the news again on both sides of the world.

"Large Cat" Reportedly Spotted In Fayette County


Someone spotted a large cat roaming a field in Fayette County and now a community is on edge. At Laurel Highlands High School in North Union Township, girls' soccer and midget football practice were cancelled after they learned of the sighting.

Someone called Fayette County 911 Tuesday night about the feline.No one knows if it was a cougar or a mountain lion. "Just over the hill here, it busted – there [were] animals – got the fence busted here and on the other hill there was … whatever this is was chasing cattle," one man explained.Some people were speculating the cat came from an animal orphanage opened 20 years ago in the area, but the doctor says all of his cats are accounted for.

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Recent UK sighting :Published Date: 20 August 2009 By Danny Law

FURTHER sightings of 'big cats' around the Crathes area of Deeside have emerged this week.Earlier this month an Orkney family visiting Banchory spoke to The Piper (August 7) after spotting a mysterious cat in a field near to the Milton of Crathes.The Shearer family had been travelling to Aberdeen from Banchory by bus when they saw a

ginger creature that was about "one metre long" on Saturday, August 1. Doreen Shearer was with her husband William, daughter Carol and grandson Yan when they spotted the creature – already dubbed the 'Crathes cat' by locals. And the Orkney woman heard of another big cat sighting during her visit to Banchory. Doreen Shearer said: "Later in the week I went to meet a woman in Banchory who I went to primary school with and I was telling her all about the big cat. It turned out that somebody else had told her husband about seeing a younger looking big cat on the very same day. They had said it was also a gingery colour." Another Crathes man, who did not want to be named, said he came face to face with a 'big cat' in his own back garden this week when he was cleaning out his shed. Mrs Shearer admitted that some people in Orkney have been doubtful of her sighting. "A few people have asked me why I didn't take a picture, which makes me think perhaps they don't believe us," she said. "But I have told them that we were sitting on a bus that was moving and we weren't sitting at the side of the road with our cameras at the ready just in case we saw something. My initial thought was just complete disbelief when I saw it – I couldn't believe how big it was. "I would like to think that some people do believe us. My sister, who stays in Banchory, has said quite a few people have spoken to her about it and they are in no doubt because there have been quite a few different sightings over the years. "At the end of the day if there is a big cat then it is likely that there are others." Military policeman Chris Swallow managed to capture what appeared to be a big cat on film last month prowling along a railway line in Helensburgh.

For some more recent sightings in the UK and some discussion on a puma that wasn’t:

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