Wednesday 2 September 2009

Release of video of giant snake

Welcome to the Warner Amazon Expedition 2009, Official Site.

The purpose of this Web site is to share information about the discovery of a giant snake in the Peruvian Amazon measuring 40M in length x 2M in Width, known to the indigenous tribes as Yacumama or Black Boa. Site 2 of the expedition was a location in the Pacaya Samaria Reserve where Mokele-mbembe (a living dinosaur) is believed to exist.

We want to share this information with people interested in supporting our work and our aim of retuning to the Peruvian Amazon for a follow-up expedition.

We believe we can collect conclusive photographic evidence that the once 'mythical' giant anaconda and Mokele-mbembe really do exist.

Mike & Greg Warner

Go to the website and take a peek. I hope they do collect their conclusive evidence, what a find that would be!

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