Saturday 12 September 2009

Report of Bigfoot Expedition April 2009 online.

April 16th 2009 Salt Fork State Park American Bigfoot Society Expedition Report.

See the full report here with photos:

An excerpt:

Within moments Wayne had found another track on the hillside to the left of the possible foot track approximately twenty-feet away. This track appeared to be going up hill. The track appeared to have a squared look. What this track was, no one could immediately identify with certainty, so it was decided to cast the track for later disernment. It was then decided after much discussion, both impressions should be casted and preserved. Everyone not with this group, Toby Tollman, Joe, Carl and Kelly were radioed with the location of the impression finds, and asked to move to our location.

Both tracks were measured, photographed and video taped. Melissa then went about casting the impression on the hillside first. She then moved on to the lower track. Once the casts were set sufficiently, both were pulled from the ground carefully and transported back to the vehicles. All ABS members decided to break for dinner and later meet back at the cabins for discussion of Friday night field operations.

It should be noted, shortly after arriving in the area of the ravine, Wayne Larsen reported hearing a growl type sound. He was unable to identify the source of the noise he heard. This same growl type sound was later witnessed during the casting of the track on the hillside, by Joedy Cook and Sally Peckham. Once again, the source of the growl was not able to be identified. Joedy Cook did walk the area and looked for any possible source of this growl, but was unable to visualize any animal. It should also be noted, that the group was within approximately 300 yards from the lake. The possible source of the sounds, could have been made from the low rumble of boat motor's.

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