Friday 4 September 2009

A new dog man sighting reported

A new sighting of a dog man has been reported over at

There is a legendary condition called cynocephaly, which means having the head of a dog or a jackal. The word is taken from the Latin word cynocephalus "dog-head" and is often found in Greek myths and old legends. Stories of dog headed people exist all over the world in legend and folklore .

The new sighting was reported in a forum see here :

Here is a few lines from it as it is quite long:

posted Tue, Sep 1 2009, 5:42pm

During one of our explorations, we found something out of place. It was February, I believe, and after the rainy season, the grass had grown pretty tall on a ridge overlooking the first lake we found. On this ridge we found a trail of very large foot prints. These prints were approaching two feet in length, with a very long stride (longer than that of my friend, who is 6’6”). We followed these prints for a good quarter mile before they disappeared into the chaparral.

The following took place in the space of about two minutes:

While looking up at the trees, I noticed something much closer to us, standing in the field on the other side of the berm. My thought process was actually quite comical. I first dismissed it as a bush, then kept looking up at the trees. I glanced at it again then thought it was a man- a very tall man. Then I looked at it longer and realized it was covered in brown hair. And, rather than the Sasquatch-like-creature I would have expected, it had a dog-like head (most comparable to a German shepherd).

I asked my friend, “Are you seeing this?”And he said, “You mean that figure over there?”

There was a moment of silence in which the creature walked off to the left, to an area where the berm was too high to see over, and disappeared.

Both of our accounts of the creature matched up.

We agreed that it was:

-7-8 feet tall

-Was covered in brown fur

-Had a wide chest and muscular physique (body more akin to a man than Sasquatch’s is reported to be)

-Had a canine-like head, closely resembling a German Shepherd or other wolf-like dog, with large pointed ears

As far as I know, there are no other accounts like this in Southern California. The closest accounts to mine are those of the Michigan/Wisconsin Dog Man.

There are some replies in the forum . Worth going over to have a read.

For more reports of dog headed people

And a report of the Michigan dogman:

Unknown Biped...Michigan Dogman?...near Manistee, Michigan, 1986, Received February 2006

This happened in the fall of 1986, when I was stationed in Manistee. I left the Manistee Army recruiting station late and was driving home, to Ludington. I always took the back road, as US 31 takes too long. It was early fall and was dark. The deer was out, so I had to be careful while I was driving. This was farm country and the deer graze in the fields. I saw a reflection of my headlights off to the left of me in a darkened field. They appeared to be eyes. But, they stood too high to be deer and too far apart, also. I saw it run across and the leap was incredible. It leaped only three times. Far greater a leap then any animal could. And leaped across the two lane road easily. It was too dark to see a shape, but from the position from the eyes, there is no animal that it could be. I know that this was not a deer. And from what I could tell, it was a lot taller then me. I am 6¹2². I do not know if anybody has or had any experience like this.

As for the color of its eyes, somehow, the color yellow comes to mind. Remember that it was almost 20 years ago when I saw that. I am an outdoorsman (although in recent years, I have not been out) and know animals. So, when I saw that, it surprised me of the leaping ability. And the eyes, I do remember that they were not like any animals that I have seen before. And the height of the creature was a lot higher then any animal. I do remember that I saw both eyes, as if it was looking at me, the whole time. That, along with the leaping ability, is what I will never forget.- Ray Greenway

Source :

And a blog I did on the Beast of Bray Road:

It seems there are a lot of sightings of wolf like or dog like creatures. As I have said on previous blogs, there is a disease that causes excessive hairiness and therefore there is a possibility that people have seen some unfortunate person who suffers from this disease and hides away. As the reported sighting in California mentions there has been an asylum in the area ,it could be some one who was once an inmate there and still hangs around the area, with this excessive hair problem. However the dog like features would not be part of the disease. Most would have normal human faces covered in hair, so flat rather than pointed noses. Certainly is an intriguing list of sightings and leads to all sorts of theories on skin walkers , were wolves and the hirsute genetic disorders.

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