Tuesday 22 September 2009

Sky news has video of Windermere Lake Monster

Sky news has a video said to be of the Windermere lake creature or Bownessie as it is known. Follow the link to see for your self. However before jumping to any conclusions , consider it was shot by the local hotel owner. Cashing in on cryptids is big money!


linden adams said...

Where did you get the idea that this was shot by a local hotelier, I really have to laugh like chinese whispers.The footage was shot by a camera man working for Lakes TV and freelancing for Sky news. It has nothing to do with raking in coppers from tourists. In fact to my knowledge not a single individual made a penny from there time given up to search for this animal. Any money made went to charity.
Try a little research before you get to excited in the future.

Tabitca said...

My apologies If I got this wrong Mr Adams. Thank you for letting me know.However if the animal/ creature / fish 's welfare were put first this information and film would be shown to the scientific community only for analysis and therefore protecting any unknown creature. Splashing it on Sky news can only provoke a response of crying "tourism" If people come to look for the creature it makes money for some one whether local shop keeper or hotelier. I have spent over 30 years researching Loch Ness and other areas of cryptid interest at my own expense but I have never advertised that fact before nor have I sought to make it news worthy. Protection and conservation should be first on any reserachers mind not media.